6 Home Trends to Consider when Upgrading Your Home in 2014

shutterstock_162877529Whether you are planning to put your home on the market in the near future or you are simply interested in upgrading your home to meet with the current trends, there are many things that you should consider adding to your home. Here is a look at the most popular home trends for 2014.

Home Trend #1: Automated Control Systems

Automated controls are becoming increasingly more popular among homeowners. Automated control systems can be used to control security, temperature, lighting, electronics and other aspects of the home. Not only are they convenient, but automated control systems are also becoming increasingly affordable. Many systems can be used with an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Home Trend #2: Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space is highly desirable among those who are looking for a home. Options include building an outdoor living room, an outdoor kitchen or a screened porch. Not only does this make good use of outdoor space, but it also gives the home greater functionality. Fire pits, grills, built-in cook’s stations, beer taps, pizza ovens, countertops, refrigerators, furnishings and even televisions with audio systems are popular additions to outdoor living space. Hybrid grills that can cook with both gas and charcoal are also a popular option.

Home Trend #3: Home Theatres

Home theatres are becoming more affordable and easy to include in a home’s design. In addition, with more people choosing to spend their vacations at home rather than traveling, homes with built-in entertainment options are quite popular. As such, a good option is to create a room that is devoted solely to a home theatre design. Good additions to the home theatre include a large-screen television, multimedia entertainment components, comfortable seating, tables and good lighting.

Home Trend #4: Color as an Accent

Neutral colors are still the most popular choice when painting a space. Blue-gray colors are particularly popular this year, as they easily work well with a range of blues, purples and other accent colors. Bright accents combined with a neutral background helps to create interest while also making the space easily customizable to suite different tastes.

Home Trend #5: Multi-Use Furniture

With many people choosing to move into smaller homes or otherwise needing to get the most use out of their space, multi-use furniture is growing in popularity. Ottomans that can also be used as a chair and for storage are particularly popular, as are couches that can be transformed into beds and coffee tables that can be adjusted for dining. To further create the illusion of a larger space, be sure to allow plenty of light in to each room and to select tailored furniture over clunky options.

Home Trend #6: Go Green

Environmentally-friendly materials and features continue to be favored among homebuyers, and they can also help you save money on energy costs. When adding on or renovating your home, consider using sustainable products and materials. If installing new toilets, sinks or showers, purchase water-efficient models. Energy-efficient appliances and solar panels are other excellent options to consider.

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