A Chocolate Factory Tour in Somerville, MA


shutterstock_32047939For every chocolate lover, a chocolate factory tour is like a dream brought to life. In Somerville, MA, one of the most visited attractions is the Taza Chocolate Factory. It provides tours most suitable for people more than 10 years old. As of the moment, for every $5 public tour ticket sold, Taza donates $1 to the World Food Programme to support the relief operation for Typhoon Haiyan.

The Public Tours

Tours for the Taza Chocolate Factory are offered to the public from Tuesday to Sunday. These tours take about 45 minutes and has a limit of 18 people per tour. The cost is very cheap, at $5 per person. Tours are recommended for ages 10 years and above since these are more focused on educating people with regards to the process of making chocolates. But for children below 10 years old, it is required that there is one adult per child, for safety purposes. There is free admission for children below 3 years old.

The Private Tours

Private tours are scheduled from Tuesday to Friday on business hours, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. These tours are meant for groups of 10 to 20 people, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The cost of the the tour is $150 per group. Tours are also offered to students, seniors and non-profit groups on Wednesdays, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, and a 50% discount is given.

The Taza Chocolate

Taza makes stone ground organic chocolate. Cacao is known to have a complex flavor, and Taza strives to do less, yet bring more flavor in every product. The organic cacao beans are stone grind into minimally processed chocolate, which is completely different to any other kind of chocolate in the market.

Alex Whitmore, the founder of Taza, took his very first bite into the stone ground chocolate as he traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico. This first encounter inspired him, thus, he decided to build his own chocolate factory in Somerville, MA. Today, Taza is known as the pioneer in ethical cacao sourcing.

The stone ground chocolate making process is inspired by the Mexican chocolate traditions, which are centuries old. Taza only uses authentic Oaxacan stone mills referred to as molinos to grind the cacao. The stones refine the beans, getting all the flavors and letting the bits of cacao and organic cane sugar to remain in the end product. As a result, every piece of Taza chocolate comes with a bright taste and bold texture.

The Experience

Witness how a piece of Taza chocolate comes to life, from “bean-to-bar”. People always find it interesting, and of course, visitors can get a number of freebies. It is not only about indulging yourself on the taste of chocolate, but more on knowing the step-by-step process of traditional chocolate making. It is fun and educational at the same time.

How to Get There

The Taza Chocolate Factory is located at 561 Windsor St., just between the Inman Square and the Union Square. Via MBTA public transportation, the factory is about 20 minutes walking distance from the Kendall Square stop or from the Central Square stop. Other means of transportations stop near the factory.

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