Arlington, Massachusetts: How the Town Keeps Getting Better Everyday

One of the Greater Boston Area’s finest, Arlington, Massachusetts is a town located only 6 miles northwest of one of the oldest yet progressive cities in the country: Boston, Massachusetts. Serving as an inclusive town, catering to its own residents as well surrounding towns and cities in Massachusetts, Arlington is the place to be. Farmers markets, cultural festivals, the annual (and very adored) Town Day, and many more events let Arlington residents celebrate their home as a community. Like Boston, this town is rich in history and is also continuously developing and modernizing. Arlington, Massachusetts provides outstanding qualities varying from the exceptional school system to hundreds of delicious food establishments.  


Arlington is planning on making a huge update to the local high school. The renovation of Arlington High School has been in the works since 2014. Currently, in the Summer of 2018, the design plans are consistently being worked on and the simplified diagram of the design is said to be completed by Fall 2018. The entire new high school is said to be complete by 2022. Not only is Arlington committed to providing an outstanding current school system, but the town is always looking and planning to grow each year. As the community is working toward becoming more environmentally conscious, the sustainability subcommittee of the Arlington High School Building Committee has a few questions regarding building the new high school while maintaining their environmentally conscious mentality. 

Here’s what they’re asking: How do we build a facility that minimizes lifecycle costs and environmental impacts, contributes to the creation of a welcoming and healthy space for learning, and where the building itself becomes a core element of the educational experience?”

This renovation just adds to how dedicated this town is to their residents and how supportive Arlington is of the education system.


Aforementioned, Arlington is always looking for ways to advance and provide while catering to the locals. What’s better than live music, family time, dogs, and beer? Not much! This summer, Arlington Center will become home to a brand new Beer Garden. The Beer Garden is local brewery, Aeronaut Brewing Company’s brainchild. Located at Whittemore Park, the Beer Garden first opened on July 7th and will continue with just Saturdays until the end of July. Starting in August, the garden will increase hours by staying open both weekend days all month and the hours are noon until 7 p.m. Not only will The Beer Garden provide entertainment and good times, but its goal is to simultaneously help out local businesses in Arlington. By spending some time at The Beer Garden, visitors will take note of other local establishments. You can read more about the Arlington Beer Garden on Arlington Wicked Local. 

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