Boston Environmental Film Festival to Take Place May 18th

shutterstock_164777726Taking place on May 18th, the 6th annual Boston Environmental Film Festival will feature several films at four different venues. As with past festivals, the event will also feature speakers and other activities for those who are concerned about the planet to enjoy.

This year, the Boston Environmental Film Festival will shows its films that The Goethe Institute (170 Beacon Street), Atlantic Wharf (294 Congress Street), the Castle Square Community Building (464 Tremont Street) and the Charlestown Navy Yard Building (114 16th Street). Both The Goethe Institute and the Castle Square Community Building offer street parking, while the other two venues have parking lots. All four venues can also be easily reached via various public transportation options, including commuter trains, MBTA trains and busses.

Each of the four venues will show one of eight different films, with each building offering two sessions. The first session will take place from 11:00 to 1:00, while the second session will take place from 2:30 to 4:30. The showings will also include either a guest speaker or a Panel of Experts. The venues and the documentary films they will be showing are as follows:

• The Navy Yard: The Human Experiment (first showing) and Extreme Realities (second showing)
• The Goethe Institute: Growing Cities (first showing) and Emptying the Skies (second showing)
• Castle Square Community Center: Symphony of the Soil (first showing) and Trashed (second showing)
• Atlantic Wharf: Drill Baby Drill (first showing) and White Gold (Elephants) and Ocean Frontiers II (second showing)

The Growing Cities showing will also feature the following speakers: Kristen Mobilia (Fenway Victory Garden), Nicola Williams (Sustainable Biz Network volunteer leader) and Courtney Hennessey (Higher Ground Farm). Drill Baby Drill will feature Sue Reid (CLF0, John Koplos (Cadmus Group) and John Rumpler (Environment America). Additional speakers are yet to be announced.

Tours of the “e” inc. Environmental Science Discovery & Action Museum at Building 114 will also be given at 10:00, 1:00, 2:00 and 4:30, while tours of the LEED certified Atlantic Wharf and Castle Square will be given a half before each film and again right after each film.

Tickets for each film can be purchased online for $10 per ticket, plus $1.34 service fee.

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