Boston Garages Being Converted to New Living Space

A number of garages throughout the city are being transformed into new developments. While some are nearing completion, others are still in the early stages of the planning process. Here is a look at a few of the garage transformations taking place throughout the city.

Boston Harbor Garage

Located at 270 Atlantic Avenue, plans for developing the Boston Harbor Garage have been underway since 2007 when the space was purchased by Chiofaro Co. Some plans that have been proposed for the 1,380-space garage have included constructing a two-tower complex with hotel rooms, condos and an ice rink as part of the space’s year-round open space along with a single skyscraper housing offices and condos. Disputes with neighbors have slowed down plans, however, with the most recent plans calling for constructing a single-tower development. These plans still remain in the air.

Clarendon Garage

Located at 100 Clarendon Street in Back Bay, Clarendon Garage will ultimately be transformed into 1.26 million square feet of housing, retail space and offices. With one of the development’s three towers expected to cap off at 364 feet, the project has faced some obstacles and opposition along the way. As such, the developers are paying $3 million to opponents of the project to mitigate impact. They are paying an additional $3 million to an affordable housing fund ran by the city.

Dock Street Garage

Located at 20 Clinton Street in downtown Boston, Dock Street Garage will soon be home to new Boston housing. Brooklyn-based developer Fortis Property Group is moving to transform the 698-square-foot garage into 195 apartments or condos. Plans call for reducing the number of parking spaces to 528, re-cladding the building itself and adding a nine-story, 194-foot building to house the condos or apartments.

Garden Garage

Located at 35 Lomasney Way in the West End, Garden Garage is on its way to being transformed by developer Equity Residential into a 44-story apartment tower. Once complete, the project will have 469 apartments, making it one of the largest residential buildings under construction in Boston. The multi-building Hub on Causeway where the old Boston Garden used to be will be located next to the new development while the 503-unit Avalon North Station will be located right across from the hub. Plans for the new development were approved by the Boston Planning & Development Agency in 2016. The tower is expected to open in 2021.

Government Center Garage

The 2,300 space Government Center Garage at 50 Sudbury Street is on its way to becoming a new mixed-use development called Bulfinch Crossing. Plans include creating 812 residential units, 196 hotel rooms, 85,000 square feet of retail space and 1.15 million square feet of office space. In all, the six-building development will boast 2.9 million square feet of space. The project is being developed by HYM Investment Group.

Winthrop Square Garage

Winthrop Square Garage at 240 Devonshire will become the fourth tallest building in Boston if it ever manages to get built. Being developed by Millennium Partners, initial plans called for constructing a 775-foot residential development. Plans have since been reduced to 691 feet due to concerns regarding the height of the building.

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