Boston West End Museum

MuseumThe Boston West End Museum is a known neighborhood museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, as well as the interpretation of the history and culture of the West End in Boston. It is considered as Boston’s one and only true neighborhood museums. The said place was established by the residents of the “Old West End” as a tribute for the neighborhood’s rich and prominent past. One of its exhibition is called “The Last Tenement”. It originally stood at the Old State House by the Bostonian Society, given as a grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Now it is permanently housed in the current location at 150 Staniford Street, suite 7. The said exhibit documents the history of the West End during the era of 1880 to 1959.

More on the Museum’s History

By the year 1989, the editors of the West Ender Newsletter and members of the West End Historical Association made a preliminary plan for a West End Museum. In 1991, the Old West End Housing Corporation or OWEHC formed a CDC or Community Development Corporation with its mission in developing affordable housing for the former West End people. After doing so, the OWEHC was awarded with a commercial space in the year 2002 for its offices, as well a place to develop the West End Visitor Center. The year after that, the Bostonian Society donated the “Last Tenement”. The said exhibit became the foundation for a permanent West End Museum.


The West End Museum is comprised of three exhibition areas and an archive. It also hosts a number of regular programs for the people of Boston. The huge exhibition space, about 1,400 square feet, mounts three revolving shows every year. The shows include “The Middlesex Canal: Boston’s First Big Dig” and “Leaving the River”. There is also what they call as the Members Gallery, just adjacent to the administrative offices. It mounts 6 revolving shows yearly. Shows in the past include the West End photographs, The Boston Canal, and the Twenty Five Years of the West Ender Newsletter.

West End Museum Details

  • Address: The West End Museum, 150 Staniford Street, Suite 7, Boston, MA 02114
  • Hours of Operation: Tues to Fri (12 noon to 5 pm); Saturday (11 am to 4pm)
  • Free Admission
  • Accessible to Handicaps
  • Parking available at TD Garden Parking
  • Contact Number: 916-723-2125
  • E-mail Address: [email protected]
  • Official Website:

Become a Member Today

The museum offers different membership categories. These are the following: Student, Senior, Individual, Academic, Legacy, Contributing, Supporting / Corporate, and last but not the least, Patron / Corporate. Membership fees range from $20 to $500. The basic benefits of being member of the museum are the following:

  • Invitation to special “members only” events
  • Discounts at the Museum Store
  • Early notifications for special events
  • Discounts on paid programs like tours, movies and the like
  • E-mail of bi-monthly membership newsletter
  • Access to exhibitions, archive images, and West Ender archives

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