Brave the Scary Cheeses Near Cambridge Homes

Eat-cheese-near-your-Cambridge-homes-300x225Formaggio Kitchen is hosting a Halloween and horror themed class on October 30th.  Sign up for Scary Cheeses 2013, held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Formaggio Kitchen classroom annex at 67 Smith Place near Cambridge homes.  Who knew cheese could be so frightening?  Go along with Adam, cheesemonger and horror film lover, on a journey to the darkest regions of cheese without traveling far from your Cambridge homes.  Meet some monstrously stinky cheeses from all over the United States and the world.

Adventurous cheese lovers who live in Cambridge should venture carefully out for a night on the town.  Sink your teeth into the frighteningly pungent and complex washed-rind cheeses.  Then screw up your courage to tackle the rich and biting blue cheeses from Europe and the United States.  Don’t hide your head in your sweater.  Dare to chomp down on these fiends.

A number of nerve-soothing, well-chosen adult beverages will be paired with the ghostly cheeses as a calming tonic.  Bring a friend or two to help you brave the scary selection for a Halloween experience you’ll never forget!  Stick together as you make your way back to your Cambridge homes.  Cost for the class is $55.  Click here to learn more about this spooky yet satisfying event.

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