Cambridge Winter Farmers Market

shutterstock_168492185Come enjoy opening day at the Cambridge Winter Farmer’s Market, which takes place on Saturday, January 4, 2013, from 10 o’clock in the morning until two in the afternoon. All are welcome at this charming, community-centered market. You can find it inside the gym at the Cambridge Community Center, which is located at 5 Callender Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Check out the Cambridge Winter Farmer’s Market early to see the 11 a.m. free show performance by Jenny the Juggler. Bring children out for a fun treat of a show, or just take in the joy yourself. It’s a family-friendly environment, so rest assured that people of all ages will be enamored with the lovely market.

Also, enjoy live music by Michael Malony throughout opening hours, 10 a.m. to! The live music adds a sense of fun, and you can come just for the show. You may find a musical act that you want to listen to for years to come. Also, shopping is a lot more fun when done to the great sounds of music.

If you cannot make it to the opening day, don’t worry. You’ll have lots of opportunities to get in on the fun!  The Cambridge Winter Farmer’s Market is open January 4 through April 26 each Saturday in 2014 between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you’ve never been to a farmer’s market before, prepare to be surprised in the best way possible by the plethora of local culture, delectable treats, amazing cuisine, cool art, frequent special events, and rocking, live music. Prepare to be dazzled by the many booths and stands at this indoors market where you can be refreshed by the many different available foods and drinks.

A farmer’s market is a homey, physical retail market that cuts out the middle man and brings produce and other goods directly from farmers to consumers. Although you can find farmer’s markets worldwide, the Cambridge Winter Farmer’s Market, like most types of these markets, reflects its own local culture very strongly.

You can get locally made arts and crafts here, too, at this one-of-a-kind farmer’s market. Crafts that reflect Cambridge always make wonderful gifts, especially when relatives are visiting from out of town and want something special to remind them of the bustling, cultural city with the small town vibe.

Even if you are only coming for groceries, you can really benefit from buying them from the Cambridge Winter Farmer’s Market. Buying fruits and vegetables here means that they’ve had to be transported less, handled less, and refrigerated less since they are very fresh and coming straight from the farmer to you.

Remember to come to the Cambridge Winter Farmer’s Market each Saturday from here through April 26. Come for the fun and stay for the great deals and remarkable treasures that you can take home for yourself or to give as gifts. Make a day of it because there are fun cultural events often held nearby as well as yummy restaurants. So prepare to delight yourself with the sights, sounds, deals, and tastes, of this special farmer’s market.

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