Charles River Conservancy to Start Sunday Parkland Games on June 15th

shutterstock_65004244Every summer since 2009, the Charles River Conservancy has offered free games on Sundays from late June through September. This year, the free games and events known as the Sunday Parkland Games will kick off on June 15 and will continue until September 28.

Taking place every Sunday from 3:30 to 6:00 pm along the banks of the Charles River on Memorial Drive by the Weeks Footbridge in Cambridge, the games provide community members with the opportunity to enjoy recreation together in a safe, healthy and fun manner.

To make the Sunday Parkland Games possible, the Charles River Conservancy partners with many other organizations and businesses within the community. Namely, the games are made possible in partnership with the MA Department of Conservation and RecreationKnucklebones, and Karma Yoga Studio, which is a local athletic and events company, provides the equipment and instruction for the event. Karma Yoga Studios provides a one-hour yoga class.

Activities offered each week vary, with common activities include beanbag toss, bocce, basketball, badminton, hula hoops, jump roping and more. Available equipment ranges in size to accommodate the needs of participants as young as three-years-old all the way to adult. Details of specific games and events can be viewed on the calendar on the Conservancy’s website. All activities are free and they do not require registration.

To view regular updates of Conservancy activities in addition to the Parkland Games activities, visit the Charles River Conservancy Facebook page.  With the help of around 2,000 volunteers, the Conservancy participates in a number of programs throughout the year. These programs and efforts include working toward beautifying the parklands, advocating for improved cycling and pedestrian access along river pathways, developing a skate park at North Point in Cambridge and working to bring swimming back to the Charles River.

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