Commercial Redevelopment Projects May Bring More Housing to Boston

A number of commercial spaces in the Boston area may soon be transforming into new residential space. Unfortunately, due to legal restrictions and other obstacles, some of these developments are facing a long road ahead before they can come to fruition. Others are still a matter of rumor while some are smoothly moving toward their completion. To that end, here is a look at some of the most recent Boston redevelopment projects to hit the headlines.

Generating Station Redevelopments Hits Obstacles

Redevelopment plans for the New Boston Generating Station (also known as South Boston Edison Power Plant) have encountered a few issues that may slow down progress on the redevelopment of the 15.2-acre site.

Developers Hilco Global and Redgate originally made plans to build a 2.1 million square foot residential, hotel, retail, office, park and restaurant space on the site. In all, the plans called for constructing eight new buildings while preserving three turbine halls. Unfortunately, it turns out that the previous owners signed a deed restriction with the state that prevents the development of housing on the site. This restriction transfers to the current owners, thereby placing an obstacle in front of the projects completion.

While the new owners are in discussions to overcome the restriction on housing, the $75 million hauling roadway that the state is building between the Summer Street bridge and the Conley Shipping Terminal is creating additional issues. While current plans call for the creation of a buffer between the redevelopment and the roadway, potential residents and workers will nonetheless be stuck with looking at and hearing the construction of the roadway project until it is completed.

The problems faced by the developers of this project is one that developers are increasingly encountering as they are forced to look for ways to utilize the underused industrial corners of the city and to look for more creative ways to use the available space.

Necco Candy-Making Hub May Undergo Redevelopment

Developers Atlantic Management and VMD have purchased the Necco candy-manufacturing hub for $54.6 million. Located at 135 American Legion Highway near Blue Line’s Wonderland stop, the 50-acre property is situated near to the old Wonderland racetrack. With plans for the racetrack’s building to come down this summer, plans for a new commuter rail to take its place have been bounced around.

Meanwhile, plans for the property have not been released at this time. What is known is that Necco’s lease for the 830,000-square-foot building situated on the site is up in August of 2018. Rumors are spreading that a large-scale development may take its place.

Gulf Gas Station to be Redeveloped

Dorchester-based Oranmore Enterprises is looking at replacing the Gulf gas station at 87093 West Broadway with a 98,000-square-foot project that would include 56 residences. One of two remaining gas stations located in South Boston, the site would be come home to 5,617 square feet of ground-floor retail and 2,020 square feet of community space along with 64 parking spaces.

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