Davis Square, Somerville MA

Davis Square in an important intersection in Somerville, where several important streets meet: Dover Street, Holland Street, Elm Street, College Avenue and several others. It occupies a strategic location, om the west side of the Somerville city, and it is found in the proximity of the Somerville-Cambridge.

Davis Square – Historic Facts

Davis Square has an interesting history being developed at the end of the 1800’s, along with other transportation expansions that were meant to provide horse-pulled trains, and carriage roads. Later, there was a railroad erected, which linked Davis Square to Cambridge, Boston and all the surrounding areas; throughout the end of the 19th century the place was a thriving commercial center highly appreciated by the locals.

Currently, it is an extremely popular venue of Somerville, an economic and cultural hot spot that features a wide array of attractions, such as elegant restaurants, fancy cafés, various shops, theaters, as well as office spaces, and chic residences. Likewise, each year it host numerous art festivals, the most exciting being the Open Studio and Beat, Honk. Considering that it is situated close to the Tufts University, it is a real urban neighborhood, with an extremely diversified population and a plethora of services.

Davis Square – a Perfect Combination Between Past and Present

Davis Square blends perfectly the old and the new, and while it still preserves its historical features, it has developed greatly throughout the years. Numerous restaurants, great clubs and fancy shops can be found today at every corner. The crowd is young and they all appreciate the live performances that take place regularly on Davis Square. In 1997, Davis Square was voted one of the hippest places to live, and it is indeed one of the most desirable locations to settle down in the United States.

Davis Square – an Excellent Residential Hub

There are beautiful Somerville homes in the community, and future residents will have a wide variety to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a condo, or you’ve set your eyes on the most beautiful house, the area is certainly an excellent place to invest.

The Boston Globe managed to sell a first million dollar condo in 2005 and that investment marked a huge shift for a neighborhood that once was much more affordable. Presently, it features some of the most luxurious and expensive residences in Somerville and prices are significantly higher on Davis Square than in other areas of Massachusetts.

Moreover, Davis Square is highly appreciated for its artistic lifestyle, and it is decorated with colorful art pieces, including sculptures that belong to prestigious local figures and tiles made by schoolchildren. Likewise, the square is home to various popular events and art institutions that have made the place known throughout the country. The famous public international radio show, “Living on Earth” is being recorded in a studio found in Davis Square, and for five years, the legendary Jimmy Tingle Off-Broadway Theater boasted a variety of regionally and nationally known acts as well as musicals.

All in all, Davis Square is definitely an impressive location in Somerville, and it’s suitable for people of all ages who want to enjoy the fun activities, chic boutiques and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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