Devens Offers Plenty of Green Space for Those Who Call it Home

shutterstock_111537713If you are looking for a community with plenty of green space to explore, Devens may be worth a look. With an interesting history and great plans for the future, the community is becoming increasingly popular among those looking for a place to live in Boston.

Located just off Route 2 next to Harvard, Devens was originally an old Army base. In fact, the base served as a mustering center for soldiers for a number of different conflicts, including World War I. After being decommissioned in the 1990s, the base was transformed into a corporate park. Soon after, Bristol-Myers Squibb built a plant in the park and several other companies soon followed.

While the area was long viewed largely as a commercial space, Devens has slowly been building up its residential community. The old brick colonials that were once used to house officers on the base were first purchased by those who were looking for a home in the area, while a number of modern, energy-efficient homes have been added to the residential opportunities over the past few years. More homes are also on the horizon, with Evergreen Village Collaborative announcing plans to build an apartment and 120 homes on 35 acres of land it is developing. The plans include keeping plenty of green space around the homes, including wooded areas.

Green space is something that residents of Devens are likely to continue to enjoy for quite some time, as approximately one-third of its 4,400 acres are protected from future development due to the area’s history as a military base. In addition to offering 1,500 acres of forest, the land also features nine miles of hiking trails and a 44-acre sports complex. The complex includes facilities for soccer, ruby, lacrosse and ultimate Frisbee.

Unfortunately for those who are interested in living in Devens, the community currently has very few homes available. In fact, the population is just at around 300 people. With the 120-home and apartment development on the horizon, however, there will be some housing opportunities available for those who manage to put in a bid on a home before they are all snagged up.

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