Dining in the DarkHalloween Event Scheduled at Hampshire House

shutterstock_163651772This Halloween, Hampshire House will be hosting its annual Dining in the Dark experience.  Described as “part theater, part musical event, and part culinary adventure,” the event will include a four-course dinner, music and an interactive theater show.

The Hampshire House is a mansion located in the heart of historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. The historic mansion has hosted parties and other events since the turn of the century. Originally designed and built in 1910 by society architect Ogden Codman, the five-story Georgian revival townhouse features carved oak paneling, Italian marble, tall Palladian windows and crystal chandeliers.

Currently owned by Thomas A. Kershew, who has owned the mansion since 1969, the Hampshire House is frequently used by Bostonians for special occasions. One of the special occasions that has become a Halloween tradition at Hampshire House is the Dining in the Dark event on Halloween night.

Dining in the Dark is a program that is offered at various Boston locations throughout the year. Those who participate in Dining in the Dark are blindfolded so they can enjoy their meal without the sense of sight. As part of the unique experience, participants are first greeted by a hostess who puts a mask on each participant and leads them to the table. Following the four-course meal, the masks are removed and the menu is revealed.

In all, participants remain blindfolded for approximately 2 and a half hours. The spa/meditation masks are designed to create complete darkness, even when the eyes are open. Participants who are uncomfortable with total darkness may request an optional blindfold that allows a little light, but all participants are encouraged to resist the urge to peek. Participants who need to use the restroom during the event should simply raise their hand. They will then be escorted to the restroom, where they can remove their blindfold. The blindfold needs to be put back into place when returning to the dining room.

Hampshire House Dining in the Dark will take place on October 31st from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Reservations are required at a cost of $72.40 per person. Participants with special dietary needs or allergies should provide this information at the time of the reservation in order to be properly accommodated.

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