Easy Tips to Preparing Your Boston Home for Sale

home-for-saleAre you selling your home? In most regions of the country, you finally have the upper hand again.

To get the best price for your home, you need to utilize great timing, list your property competitively and customize your marketing plan according to the local conditions.

Lowering Your Sights Makes You More Money

The higher you price your home, the higher your hopes may be for selling the property. This may not be realistic. A recent poll reveals brokers complained that 75% of homeowners think the recommended listing price from their agents is too low. Pricing your home higher than recent sales to cash in on the current home buying trends could slow down the deal, and if the home is on the market for too long, the house can be stigmatized by buyers.

Financial professionals suggest catching the attention of potential buyers by pricing your home according to comparable sales. This will get you more offers.

If you’re trading up, it’s important to move fast. However, if you’re downsizing, go slow.

It may be tempting to delay selling in an attempt to hold out for a better price. But if you’re looking to move into a bigger home, it’s best to act sooner rather than later. While it’s true that high-end homes are rising quickly, the gap is pretty small. So while you can sell your property for more money if you want, the appreciation on the home you’re moving to will be higher.

The math works the other way when you’re downsizing, so it’s to your benefit to wait on selling your home.

The case for these home buying and selling strategies should strengthen as gains are reduced for more affordable homes. Investors are usually focused on the lower end of the market, but there comes a point when the investor opportunity becomes less appealing. So, be sure to smooth out all your home’s rough patches.

For instance, repair the roof if it’s leaking and address other structural problems, or you’ll have to subtract the price of these home repairs from the price of the property. In today’s economy, many home buyers don’t have the additional savings to perform home improvements on a recently purchased home.

Small home improvements with the biggest payoff are decluttering and cleaning your home, brightening the home by adding lamps and clearer obstructions for the window, and fixing plumbing and electrical issues can make your home sell faster.

Get Your Home Ready for Pictures

When you stage your home as a seller by replacing your furniture or rearranging it to improve the appearance of your home, you’re bound to attract potential buyers. Staging should be done right before you hold an open house. You should also stage your home before you post your listing online so your Web pictures will look their best.

Protect Your Home Sale Against Low Appraisals

While quickly increasing prices may attract more potential buyers, the upswing in price can make it more challenging for you to close a deal. One-third of the realtors polled in December stated there were setbacks from low appraisals. This included closing delays. A home that is fairly priced gets your property off the market quicker.



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