Exploring New Developments in Boston’s Hottest Neighborhoods

Big developments are on there way in many parts of Boston, but here are six neighborhoods with multiple developments that are certainly worth a closer look.

Back Bay

Set to become the tallest new building in Boston in nearly 40 years, the Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences One Dalton Street is being constructed in the Back Bay neighborhood. Known simply as One Dalton, the 740-foot tower is part of a larger complex that will house 160 condos and a Four Seasons hotel.

The neighborhood is also scheduled to receive a number of towers above and around Back Bay Station. That development is in limbo, however, due to concerns regarding potential shadows.


With Silver Line service expected to run from Boston into Chelsea in the spring of next year, Chelsea is becoming increasingly popular as an option for those who can’t afford housing in Boston proper. The five-mile route, which will run from South Station to a stop just west of Everett Avenue, is expected to be used by 8,700 people each day. Several small condo projects have either recently opened in Chelsea or are currently in the works.

East Boston

East Boston is one of the busiest neighborhoods in terms of new development. Major new projects include the 478-unit Clippership Wharf and the 200-unit Boston East. In addition, if Amazon does come to Boston, many believe it will be located in the old Suffolk Downs racetrack in East Boston.

Kendall Square

M.I.T. has been leading the way in terms of bringing about change in Cambridge’s Kendall Square. Earlier this year, the university paid the federal government to take over the 14-acre Volpe transit center site. Soon after making the purchase, the university proposed building 500 mixed-use development that would stand 500. With the proposed development making it the tallest building in Cambridge, M.I.T. sought out zoning approval from the city in late October. The proposal was a success and so the university is now moving forward with the development, which will bring 1,400 housing units and 1.7 million square feet of office and research space to the area. The development will also boast new parkland and plazas.

Seaport District

With the Seaport Square development serving as the catalyst for much of the development in the Seaport District, this neighborhood is seeing quite a bit of new developments. The 23-acre Seaport Square development will offer 3,200 residential units, a hotel of up to 500,000 square feet and civic space on 12.5 acres of land. Meanwhile, the Echelon Seaport development will boast 733 apartments and condos, 448 of which will be spread over two towers. Other neighborhood developments include the 414-unit 399 Congress Street apartment complex and the Reebok headquarters at 25 Drydock Avenue.

South End

New developments are bringing thousands of condos and apartments to the South End neighborhood. Among these projects in the proposed redevelopment of the 5.6-acre site of the former Boston Flower Exchange, which will contain four new buildings spanning 1.6 million square feet. The buildings will create nearly 1.5 million square feet of commercial, technology and life science research space.

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