Exploring New East Boston Developments – Part 1

East Boston has a number of new developments that are either being proposed or that are already in the planning process. In this first of a two-part series, we will explore some of the new developments in East Boston.

31 Orleans Street

Under construction by Waypoint Cos., 31 Orleans Street will feature four floors and 14 apartments. Half of the units will boast three bedrooms each, while amenities will include 14 underground parking spaces.

99 Summer Street

The long-planned conversion of the old Hodge Boiler Works into a 119-condo complex was signed off on in late July by the Boston Planning & Development Agency. Developed by Davis Companies, the completed complex will feature 7,200 square feet of publicly accessible ground-floor work-share space facing the waterfront. The completed project will also have a 5,045-square-foot courtyard for residents only.

Seven of the condos developed as part of this project will be designated as affordable, with all residents enjoying access to a number of amenities. Among these are 83 underground parking spaces for residents. The development will also include bike storage open to the general public, including 119 interior spaces and 28 exterior ones. The public bike parking is part of the development’s inclusion in the new 240-foot-long section of the Boston Harborwalk. This run will fill the gap that currently exists between Carlton Wharf and Lo Presti Park.

114 Orleans Street

The five-story, 23-unit condo development at 114 Orleans Street was approved by the Boston Planning and Development Agency in late July. Three of the units within the development, which will include 25 interior parking spaces, will be designated as affordable. The project is being completed by City Real Estate Development Corp.

175 William F. McClellan Highway

According to plans recently filed with Boston, a 3.29-acre rental car lot will soon be transformed into a 300-unit apartment complex. Boasting 2,000-square-feet of ground-floor commercial space, the development will include on-site parking and may be folded into the nearby Orient Heights section. Developers are expected to break ground on the development, which would be 15 minutes away from the Blue Line stop, sometime next year.

301 Border Street

The six-story, 64-unit development at 301 Border Street received the green light for development in December of 2016. While it has taken some time for the development to actually get underway, the process is expected to begin soon. Once complete, the development will boast 42 parking spaces, 74 interior bike spaces and a gallery showcasing East Boston’s shipbuilding history.

With East Boston growing at a rapid pace, it is no surprise that so many new developments are popping up throughout the area. If you are interested in finding a place in East Boston, but none of these places seem to fit your style or your needs, check out the second part of this two-part series on new developments coming to the area. Chances are good that you will find something that works for you!

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