Fenway Park Unveils Many Changes for the New Season

With baseball season well underway, it is exciting for fans to see the changes that have been made at the legendary Fenway Park. If you haven’t had the chance to see the park for yourself, here are some of the changes you can expect to see at your next visit.

Expansion of the Dugout and Additional Seating

The depth of both dugouts has been increased by three feet in order to provide for improved sight lines from the bench seating area, to provide for better circulation and to create additional space for bat and helmet storage. By moving the front rail out three feet for the expansion, the field wall between the dugouts has also been moved forward in order to allow for the addition of a new row of seats in the area between the dugouts and home plate. Additional rows of seating have also been placed behind the camera pits on the first and third base side or a total of 124 new seats being added as part of this project. He relocated field wall also houses televisions as well as a built-in antennae system for cellular service and the park’s wireless network. The Red Sox batting cage area behind their dugout has also been refreshed and equipped with televisions, lighting, an improved netting system and a training area.

Addition of New Bar Area

In order to construct a new bar area called Tully Tavern, which was completed in partnership with Tullamore D.E. W. Irish whiskey, several rows in the back of the Right Field Grandstand were removed. The new area features terraces with swivel stools, tables and standing room spaces offering 64-inch televisions and charging stations. The full-service bar also offers concessions items, including Fenway Franks, helping to fill a gap where convenient food and beverage options did not previously exist.

Video Board in Right Field Terrace

The Cumberland Farms sign in right field has been replaced by a new16-millimeter Mitsubishi Diamond Vision LED video board measuring 14 feet high and 46 feet wide. The display offers improved access to game information, video content and replays.

Installation of Virtual Batting Cage

The VR-batting-cage experience has been added to the virtual reality station in the Kids Concourse, giving participants the opportunity to experience what it feels like to take a swing at Fenway Park.

Expanded Rooftop Space

While the club’s rooftop garden named Fenway Farms debuted in 2013, the private “Strega Deck” event space has been added adjacent to the garden in partnership with the popular North End Restaurant. The Strega Deck boasts 5,600 square feet of roof space along with more than 600 square feet of urban garden planters meant to help with supplying vegetables and herbs to the parks concession stands and restaurants. It also features a new open-air deck with outdoor televisions and a state-of-the-art sound system capable of accommodating groups of up to 200 people for non-game events as well as pre-game functions.

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