FIGMENT BOSTON 2013 (July 27-28)

FIGMENT BOSTON 2013 (July 27-28)

The FIGMENT BOSTON 2013 is a celebration of interactive art, creativity, and culture where everything else is possible. Explore and look around the venue that is surrounded by different forms of art.

The FIGMENT is an explosion of creative energy. It is actually a free and annual celebration of different forms of art coming from various cultures. For two whole days this summer, the Rose Kennedy Greenway will transform into a large-scale and collaborative work of art.

Event Details

  • What: Figment Boston 2013
  • Where: Rose Kennedy Greenway
  • When: July 27 to 28, 2013
  • Cost: Free admission. This is a non-profit event, and do not accept corporate sponsorship.

What to Bring

FIGMENT offers a new perspective on the traditional gallery-based art scene. It uses both interaction and collaboration as the tools for creativity. And best of all, the event is completely free and open to the public. Young and old alike can go to the Rose Kennedy Greenway and view artworks that they have never seen before.

There are no concessions of any kind available at FIGMENT, even though the regular licensed Greenway food vendors will be on the site. There are restaurants open nearby, like the lobby of South Station. However, the event will of course have the porta-potties or restrooms. The venue is located at the center of downtown Boston, thus, you will be surrounded by convenience stores and drug stores. For the hot summer day, it is best to bring the following:

  • Drinking water
  • Food, snacks, and anything else perfect for a picnic
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Any needed medications
  • Costumes: Remember, FIGMENT is the perfect time to play make-believe with both children and adults.
  • Toys including hula hoops, croquet sets, knitting, water guns, and other games

What to Expect

Art and activities in every medium you can think of are at the venue, especially the art and activities that you brought with you.

Things to Remember

  • Be a Volunteer: The best way to help during the entire event is to sign up as a volunteer.
  • Leave no trace: The organizers of the event adhere to the “Leave no trace” ethic or policy, and they are asking you to do the same. In order to protect the Rose Kennedy Greenway and the rest of the environment, whatever you bring with you, either bring them back to your own homes or make sure it gets into the right trash receptacles. Let’s maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the greenway.
  • No transactions: One of the goals is to make a social and creative experience that is uninterrupted by different commercial sponsorship, transactions and other forms of advertising. FIGMENT does not exist in order to make profit or sell anything. Again, it does not allow commerce of any kind.
  • Share photos and videos: The photos that you will be taking during the event can help to promote and raise fund for the FIGMENT in the years to come. Photos shared on Flickr and YouTube videos will highly be appreciated. Of course, full credit will be given each time your work is used.


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