Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Entertained in the City this Summer Part 2

In this second of a three-part series on things to do with your kids in the city this summer, we will look at more ways to have fun while enjoying city adventures.

Watch a Movie Outside

You will likely find some “Movies in the Park” activities taking place in and around Arlington and the greater Boston area, but you can also plan your own outdoor movies with your kids. You might even want to consider hosting a small gathering with neighbors and friends invited to the special event. Even if you don’t have an actual screen, you can easily project the movie on the side of a building or a sheet as you bring the movie experience outdoors.

Volunteer for Story Time

You can bring fun for your kids as well as for other children in the community by volunteering for story time or other activities at the library. If you have some children’s books that you would love to share or some simple craft ideas, most libraries would be happy to have additional volunteers to run these programs. You might also want to consider starting a book club for kids that meets on a monthly basis.

Make Dinner an Adventure

As a city dweller, many restaurants are likely to be located within walking distance of your home. Grab a map and look for those that you can walk to for dinner once per week. Make it a challenge to eat somewhere new each week until you have visited them all. As you explore your neighborhood by foot, consider other places that you could visit without driving. Not only does this create great family time and memories, but it can also reduce your stress and even cut down on expenses for you and your family.

Get Pedaling

The Boston area has great opportunities for biking, so why not take full advantage of that with your family? In addition to biking for recreation, you can also obtain a cargo bike that can be used for running errands. A cargo bike includes racks, baskets and space for groceries. Some even come with electric assist to help make pedaling easier. If you aren’t quite ready to get cargo bikes or if your kids are younger, you might want to get a stroller wagon instead. Not only can you pull the kids behind you, but stroller wagons also offer additional space for things like beach supplies and groceries.

Take the Train

Kids often love traveling by rail, so why not slow down a bit and take the train rather than stressing yourself out with driving or flying? There are plenty of day trip opportunities and destinations that can be reached from Arlington and the rest of the Boston area.

Search for Nature

Just because you are in the city, it doesn’t mean that nature isn’t still all around you. Challenge yourself and your kids to find as many different plants and animals as you can throughout the city.

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