Boston-based company, “Tech Goes Home” awarded $150,000 grant from Google

A local company located in Boston, “Tech Goes Home” (TGH) recently announced that they received a grant from Google in the amount of $150,000, that will assist them in funding their technology training and resources which they provide to disabled, low-income, and other disadvantaged residents in the Boston and Cambridge areas.

TGH offers Cambridge & Boston area residents free Internet skills training, discounted hardware, and assistance with establishing low-cost Internet services. Theodora Higginson, co-director of TGH, says, “Since 2010, more than 18,000 participants have completed their training”. Also, co-director of TGH, Daniel Noyes, states that there are thousands of success stories from their program, and he is thankful to Google, as they could not be more excited to have the ability to reach more people in need.

The course that they offer consists of 15 hours of group training, conducted by either a local teacher from the child’s school or a community site. Typically, each course holds about 10-12 families made up of one parent and one child. Once completed, the opportunity is given to the families of purchasing a device for the cost of $50.

For those students who are looking to improve their English language skills, TGH also offers free online Rosetta Stone subscriptions.  They cater all of their programs to meet the needs of each individual, based upon age.

For children between the ages 2 and 5 years, TGH’s Early Childhood program uses Ipad minis and apps to help the parents engage with their children’s learning process.

For children ages 5 and older, they focus on topics such as promoting cyber safety, tracking grades and attendance, and writing emails.

Several great organizations have partnered with TGH, including Boston Public Schools, Boston Boys & Girls Club, the Cambridge Community Center, Community Arts Center in Cambridge, the Margaret Fuller House, and Science Club for Girls.

TGH is looking to expand intoCambridge, and the grant is a great first step in helping them achieve their goal.



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Posted by Tech Goes Home on Friday, April 18, 2014




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