Great Places to Take Your Kids In and Around Cambridge: Part 1

If you are looking for some fun places to take your kids in and around the Cambridge area, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of exciting opportunities available. In this first of a two-part series, we explore some of the outstanding family-friendly museums that the Cambridge area has to offer.

Boston Children’s Museum

One of the oldest children’s museums in the United States, the Boston Children’s Museum is a must-see for children living and visiting the Cambridge area. Popular interactive exhibits include a construction site where kids can build to their heart’s content as well as a three-story climbing structure with flowing curved platforms. The museum is located at 308 Congress Street in Boston. Look for the giant mil bottle statue!

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Offering an immersive experience to help kids and adults gain a better understanding of the beginnings of the American Revolution, the hands-on museum costumed live actors, tours and snacks in a period-appropriate tea room. Visitors also have the opportunity to board a historically accurate replica of the Tea Party ships and toss “tea crates” into the water. The museum Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is located at 306 Congress Street.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Located at 26 Oxford Street in Cambridge, the Harvard Museum of Natural History is a great place for kids who love dinosaurs, rocks and animals to explore. Some of the most popular exhibits include the Great Mammal Hall and the Vertebrate Paleontology exhibit. A number of family-oriented classes and other activities, such as story time, are offered at the museum on a regular basis.

Harvard Art Museum

Featuring world-renowned paintings, a light-box gallery demonstrating how digital technology and art can work together, top-notch sculptures and more, the Harvard Art Museum is sure to impress art-inspired kids and their parents. The museum café offers great snacks for kids to enjoy as you take a break from viewing your favorite works of art. The Harvard Art Museums is located at 32 Quincy Street.

Museum of Science

Located at 1 Museum of Science Driveway in Boston, the Museum of Science is an impressive 130,000 square feet big. As such, you and the kids may have a difficult time exploring all that the museum has to offer in just one visit. The Discovery Center is perfect for preschoolers, while older children will be sure to enjoy interactive exhibits such as Math Moves or the Hall of Human Life. The interactive playground at Science in the Park, featuring a musical staircase called Soundstair, is also sure to be a hit.

USS Constitution Museum

Also known as “Old Ironside,” the USS Constitution Museum is the oldest commissioned warship in the world that is still afloat. When visiting the ship, you and your kids can walk throughout the ship itself as you enjoy interactive exhibits and learn more about life at sea and maritime history. The USS Constitution Museum is located at Building 22 in the Charleston Navy Yard.

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