Ice Skating in and Around Boston


If you want to go ice skating this winter in Boston, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of rinks in and around the city that you can enjoy. Here are just a few of the rinks that you might want to check out this season.

Bajko Memorial Rink

The state-owned and operated Bajko Memorial Rink is open to the public, but does not offer skate rental. The rink is located in Hyde Park.

Daly Memorial Skating Rink

The Daly Memorial Skating Rink offers 15 hours of public skating opportunities each week, with the ice being resurfaced every hour on the hour. The rink is located on 1 Nonantum Road in Newton.

Devine Memorial Rink

A state-owned and operated rink, this rink offers $5 skate rental on the weekends. The Devine Memorial Rink is located at 995 William T. Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester.

Ed Burns Arena and Ice-Skating Rink

The newly renovated indoor Ed Burns Arena and Ice-Skating Rink is open to the public from August through April, which means you can keep skating even after the winter cold has past. The facility features a regulation size rink measuring 85 feet by 197 feet as well as spectator seating for 1,000. The arena is located a 422 Summer Street in Arlington.

Emmons Horrigan O’Neill Memorial Rink

Used as the primary practice and locker room facility for the Suffolk University hockey team, the Emmons Horrigan O’Neil Rink is a state-owned and operated facility that is also open to the public. Skate rental is $5 on weekends. The rink is located at 150 Rutherford Avenue in Charlestown.

Jim Roche Community Ice Arena

The privately operated Jim Roche Community Ice Arena offers public deals on public skating and hockey with $5 skate rentals. The arena is located at 1275 Veterans of Foreign Wars Parkway in West Roxbury.

Kelly Outdoor Rink

This state-operated rink, which is located at 1 Marbury Terrace, offers skate rental for just $2.

Murphy Memorial Rink

The state-maintained Murphy Memorial Rink is free to use and offers skate rental. The rink is located on William J Day Boulevard in Boston.

Porrazzo Memorial Skating Rink

The privately operated Parrazzo Memorial Skating Rink offers public skating and hockey opportunities. The facility also offers gear rental. The Parrazzo Memorial Skating Rink is located at 199 Coleridge Street in Boston.

Reilly Memorial Rink

Located at 355 Chestnut Hill Avenue in Boston, the Reilly Memorial Rink is a state-run facility offering skate rentals of just $5 on weekends.

Simoni Memorial Rink

Simoni Memorial Rink is a privately run facility offering public skating for $5 and skate rentals for $5. The rink is located at 155 Gore Street in Cambridge.

Steriti Memorial Rink

Steriti Memorial Rink is a state-owned and operated facility offering skate rental for $5. The rink is located at 561 Commercial Street in Boston.

Veterans Memorial Rink

Stated-owned Veterans Memorial Rinks are located in Somerville and Waltham. The Somerville rink is located at 570 Somerville Avenue while the Waltham rink is located at 359 Totten Pond Road.

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