Increasing Your Home’s Value in 2013

Increasing-Your-Home’s-Value-in-2013Even the finest residences need a boost from time to time. Hence, you need to see yours as an investment and regard it with a certain measure of detachment. You should put yourself in the position of the buyer, and try to figure out what the new owner would like to see when he looks at your house.

Afterwards, consider the features that you could be easily improved and make a plan to enhance its appearance and boost its value. A home should be safe and inviting, and it should make potential buyers feel comfortable as well. However, it’s not necessary to redecorate it entirely. If you want to increase the overall value of your home, check out the following guidelines.

Make your Garden Look Good

Start fixing your garden and make it look good. Everybody knows that a first impression maters the most, and potential buyers will stumble upon your garden prior to getting inside your home. Hence, a properly maintained garden with a lovely backyard will make your home seem colorful and inviting. If you think that you cannot do that on your own, hire a landscaper and he will manage to convert a trivial garden into the most rejuvenating natural oasis.

Update the Kitchen

A lot of people see their kitchens as the heart of their home. As a result, you are advised to make it look as good as possible if you’re thinking about selling your residence. Generally speaking, buyers like to see a tidy, open kitchen, and not an old room with few electrical outlets, little storage space and obsolete fittings. Make some changes and start by replacing the cupboard doors, countertops, and consider adding new tiles. Also, if you can afford to spend more money, you could add a dishwasher, a pantry cupboard or a double sink.

Renovate the Bathrooms

In order to increase the value of your home, you should refurbish the bathrooms. They ought to look as clean and fresh as possible, and although it may not be necessary to replace all the fittings, it would still be a good idea to change the tiles, paint the walls in a nice color, add new shower doors, and a wide mirror. Also, you should opt for neutral color schemes, and use all the available space in an efficient manner.

Make your Homes Look Bright

Moreover, you should never underestimate the importance of good lightning. A bright, open house will be sold much faster, and it will attract many more buyers than a dark, gloomy residence. If you have to stick to a budget, it will probably be a good idea to paint all the walls in neutral nuances, and add a few mirrors to make the place seem larger and lighter. Similarly, you should replace outdated fittings and add chic spot lamps in the hallways.

Last but not least, remember that smart updates can really make your home stand out. An efficient alarm system, a dishwasher, high-quality insulation, inventive storage solutions, and even a Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub, are small details that can really make a difference to potential buyers.

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