Looking for a Child-Friendly Apartment? Keep These Features in Mind During Your Search

shutterstock_85996705Are you a parent who is looking for the perfect apartment? Searching for a kid-friendly apartment can be difficult, but your efforts will be rewarded with happy kids with plenty to do. To that end, here is a look at some of the features you should look for in an apartment for your family.


As with anything in real estate, location is essential. When you have children, it is particularly important to find an apartment that is located near to parks, libraries, day care centers, schools and other facilities that you anticipate using on a regular basis. Before you actually sign a lease, be sure to visit these nearby amenities in order to ensure they meet your standards and offer a family-friendly atmosphere.


The safety of the apartment complex is another factor to take into consideration. In addition to looking into the crime statistics for that area, don’t forget to consider the safety of the apartment itself. The reality is that some apartment complexes simply are not made with children in mind. Inspect the stairs and balconies to ensure the railings and banisters are properly secured and placed in such a way that your child can’t fit his head through the slots. Avoid apartments with narrow, hardwood stairs and choose those with carpeted stairs or that have a secure roll runner. Also, keep in mind that low windows present a hazard and that all window locks should be out of reach of your young children.

In addition to inspecting the apartment for child-friendly safety features, take a walk or drive around the neighborhood to get a feel for safety. Ideally, you should live in an area with other families with children of similar ages. This way, your child will be able to make friends in the neighborhood. A child-friendly neighborhood will also have speed bumps and street signs advising drivers to watch for children.


An apartment with an onsite playground and swimming pool will help with keeping your children entertained, particularly during the summer months when school is out. Again, safety is important when examining these amenities. If the complex does have a pool, make sure it is secured and not accessible to children without adult supervision. Playgrounds should be fenced in, particularly if they are near a busy street.

For your convenience, it is also beneficial to look for a complex with onsite laundry facilities. This way, you can quickly and easily clean your kids’ clothes after they make the messes inevitably go along with childhood.

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