Medford MA Homes and Real Estate

Medford Homes and Real Estate are located in the fourth oldest English settlement in America. A charming historic town, Medford is home to many sites, monuments and homes that date back as far as the 17th century. Medford derives its name from “Meadford”, meaning “the ford by the meadow”, and is thought to refer to the Mystic River located just west of modern-day Medford Square.

Medford Homes and Real Estate

Medford is situated in Middlesex County and lies just five miles northwest of Boston. The town has a population of about 56,000 and covers 8.6 square miles. Medford’s neighbors include Somerville, Arlington, Winchester, Melrose and Malden.

Medford is comprised of several neighborhoods which include:

  • West Medford
  • North Medford
  • Wellington/Glenwood
  • South Medford
  • Medford Hillside
  • Lawrence Estates

History of Medford

Medford was founded in 1630 as a part of Charlestown. In 1634 Governor Matthew Cradock established a private plantation north of the Mystic River. The first bridge spanning the river was constructed in 1637 and became a main source of traffic going into Boston from the north. Until 1656, all of northern Medford was owned by Cradock and his heirs; afterwards, the land became divided among people from different families.

In 1754 the land south of Mystic River was transferred from Charlestown to Medford. The population of the town began to steadily increase, and by 1900 had reached over 18,000. In 1892 Medford was incorporated into a city and was a center of industry including the manufacture of brick, tile, rum, Medford Crackers and clipper ships.

Medford is credited with being the home of “Jingle Bells”. In the late 19th century, local resident James Pierpont wrote the popular holiday song after watching a sleigh race from Medford to Malden. In addition, local resident Lydia Maria Child wrote a poem about a trip across town to her grandparent’s home in the mid-19th century, known now as the classic song “Over the River and Through the Woods”.

Medford Attractions

Medford is home to a variety of historic and cultural attractions, such as:

  • Isaac Royall House and Slave Quarters – built in 1732-1739, this building is the only such structure left in the northern US
  • Peter Tufts House – one of the oldest all-brick structures in the US
  • Medford City Hall – contains historical prints, portraits and exhibits
  • The Medford Historical Society – owns the third largest collection of original Civil War prints in the world
  • Amelia Earhart Residence
  • John Wade House – built in 1784 and on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Grace Church – designed by H.H. Richardson
  • Fannie Farmer’s home site
  • Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford – Medford’s first religious community since 1690

Medford Schools

Medford contains many schools both public and private, including:


  • Christopher Columbus Elementary School
  • Brooks Elementary School
  • John J. McGlynn Elementary School
  • Milton Fuller Roberts Elementary School
  • Eliot-Pearson Children’s School (private PK-2)
  • St. Joseph’s (K-8)
  • St. Clement’s (PK – 6)
  • St. Raphael’s (PK-8)

Middle School:

  • John J. McGlynn Middle School
  • Madeline Dugger Andrews Middle School

High School:

  • Medford High School
  • Medford Vocational Technical High School
  • St. Clement’s High School (7-12)


  • Tufts University

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