Museum of Fine Arts in Boston


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  • Location: Avenue of the Arts, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
  • Hours: 10am – 4:45pm
  • Admission: $25

Introducing the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA

Located on Huntington Avenue in Boston, MA, the Museum of Fine Arts is regarded as one of the most renowned museums in the U.S. Famous for its collections of European paintings that date back to the 7th century, remarkable variety of Egyptian and African artifacts, as well as incredible collections of Asian art, the museum should definitely be included in your to do-list whenever you happen to be in the city.

Apart from the innovative exhibitions, MFA features elegant restaurants, and a serene courtyard meant art aficionados and ordinary people alike. Prior to visiting the museum you ought to know that MFA is one of the most comprehensive museums of art in the world, and that its art collection is made of approximately 450,000 works of art from all around the globe. The museum welcomes nearly one million visitors every year, who come to attend the groundbreaking educational programs and esteem the marvelous art displays.

General admission will cost you $25, although there are certain exhibitions that are free of charge such as: the European Art Galleries, the Ancient Jewelry Connection and various Contemporary Art Exhibits.

The Museum of Fine Arts Exhibitions

Visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is certainly a unique experience. Starting on March 16 the visitors will have the chance to admire the Mario Testino: British Royal Portraits Exhibit. The artist is native from Peru, but he spent an extensive part of his life in England, where he took his first photograph of the British royal family, a spontaneous shot of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Prince Edward and the Queen Mother as they passed along the London’s streets.

Since then, he developed a real passion for the British royalty, and continued to take ingenious pictures that marked the evolution of the royal family. There are various interesting portraits included in the display as well, such as the Princess of Wales, her two sons, and even recent portraits with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The LoïsMailou Jones exhibition is yet another display visitors will appreciate at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, MA. It features thirty drawings and paintings that are internationally acclaimed. Jones was born and raised in Boston, and managed to receive a degree in Design in 1927. The exhibition highlights works from her career starting with copies made after different objects to fabulous pieces that reflect her unique vision of art.

Last but not least, we have the Chinese Lacquer 1200–1800, a third exhibition you are invited to admire at the Museum of Fine Arts. It features Okinawa lacquers, and it includes various showcases made in a wide range of styles, techniques and forms. Similarly, it presents a transfer of the themes and imagery on paintings, presentation boxes, and furniture.

The Museum of Fine Art additionally features a plethora of programs for families with kids. Some of the most important are:

  • Studio Art Classes & Workshops
  • MFA Playdates
  • School Vacation Week Adventures, through April 16-19, 2013
  • Drawing in the Galleries, on Wednesdays

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