What You Need to Know About Your Home’s Foundation

shutterstock_122699059Taking care of your home’s foundation is essential. Not only is it costly to repair a foundation that has fallen into disrepair, but a faulty foundation can cause other problems in your house. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to recognize when your foundation is in need of repair while also knowing how to go about fixing it when problems arise.

Recognizing When Your Foundation is in Need of Repair

Oftentimes, a faulty foundation goes without being noticed. This is because problems usually develop over time, and cracks and other obvious issues are often hidden by siding. Nonetheless, there are a few key signs that will tell you that your foundation may be in trouble. For example, if your doors or windows are misaligned, if your interior doors no longer fit in their jambs or become stuck, if you see cracks in your floors or if your floors are bulging, your foundation may be damaged.

Getting Your Foundation Inspected

If you suspect that you may be having trouble with your foundation, it is essential to get it inspected right away. The sooner the problem is identified and repair, the less it will ultimately cost for you to fix it. The best person to call to inspect your foundation is a structural engineer, who can assess the damage and develop a strategy for repairing the problem.

Repairing Your Foundation

The steps taken to repair your foundation will depend upon the exact problem you are having. First, the engineer will need to identify what is causing the problem so the problem can be addressed. For example, if your foundation is being damaged by the roots of a tree that is growing near to your house, that tree will need to be removed so it will no longer grow in to your foundation.

Once the cause is addressed, your foundation repair professional can start working on repairing the damage. This typically involves using one of two different methods. The first, known as slabjacking, involves pumping a cement grout beneath the foundation in order to raise it to the proper level. This method also provides the foundation with a better sub-surface to rest upon. The other method, known as piering, involves drilling hydraulic jacks into the ground beneath the foundation. The jacks are ten used to raise your home in order to provide it with the necessary support. This method is usually used in only more severe situations.

Preventing Foundation Problems

Whether you have repaired your foundation or you are simply looking to keep your foundation in the best shape possible, there are a few steps you can take to help prevent future problems. Since an uneven distribution of moisture within the subsoil is often the cause of foundation problems, make sure your property has proper drainage in place. In addition, make sure your gutters are properly installed and functioning. This way, the water will be moved away from your house and not directed down toward your foundation.

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