New development coming to Union Square

337 Bow St. which used to be a storage facility is currently under construction and will soon be home to 30 new restaurants, retail shops and other businesses. The building is two floors, with a fire escape-like walkway leading to the top. In the middle of the building is a parking lot, which is being repurposed as a public courtyard.

Zoning permits were approved in March and building permits were approved several weeks ago. They are hoping construction will be completed by November or early December. If all goes according to plan, vendors can start moving and settling into their spaces in the winter.

Boyes Watson and partner Zach Baum are the founders of this project which is located behind Boyes Watson’s office. They have been working on the project for almost 20 months. About 75 percent of the building is filled and Watson and Baum are in process of negotiating leases and finding vendors to fill the remaining spots.

Last spring, Baum and Watson started recruiting vendors. In addition to the small storefronts, there will also be a small performance space in the courtyard. Watson and Baum are hoping this will encourage even more partnerships with existing organizations and community groups. Both Watson and Baum agreed the city has been helpful and supportive of Bow Market, which will provide a unique opportunity for collaboration.





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