Putting Your Home on the Market? The Right Photographer is Key

shutterstock_151242587After putting your home on the market, you certainly want your home to get sold as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price. One way you can accomplish this goal is to hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home. In fact, one study conducted by the professional photography company IMOTO found that house listings sold 50 percent faster and 39 percent closer to the original list price when they contained professional photos. One real estate company also found that homes with professional photographs were viewed 118 percent more often than those without photographs. Before you hire a professional photographer, however, it is beneficial to learn more about how to find the right photographer and how you can get the most from your professional photos.

Finding the Right Professional Photographer

When looking for the right photographer, it is important to look through the portfolios the photographer has posted online. Look for the photographer who shoots the photos in the style that you like. Pay particular attention to the photos that the photographer took of small rooms, such as the bathroom. Since small rooms are more difficult to photograph, these rooms will give you a good idea of the photographer’s skills.

After you have found a few photographers whose style you like, contact them and ask about the equipment they will use to photograph your home. Ideally, the photographer should be using full frame camera. Otherwise, the photograph may be distorted. A good photographer should also know how to use software in order to enhance the photos. This software is not used to change the way your property looks, but simply to create the most attractive photos possible.

Determining What Photos You Need

When photographing your home for real estate marketing purposes, it generally is not necessary to photograph every room and aspect of your house. Rather, you want to focus on those areas that buyers will be the most interested in seeing. An exterior shot of your house is the most important photo that you will need to have. If you have an online ad, this is the photo that will be highlighted by the search engines. Therefore, you want to be sure it is very attractive and appealing to potential buyers.

In addition to having a great exterior photo, you will also need to get photos of your kitchen, the master bedroom, the master bathroom and any unique features, such as built-in bookshelves and custom mantles. It also a good idea to get pictures of small rooms, such as laundry rooms and half-baths.

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