Save on Prescription Drugs as an Arlington Resident

Living in the Town of Arlington provides its residents with a number of benefits. In addition to its convenient location just outside of Boston, the Town of Arlington also offers perks that are available only to those who call Arlington their home. Among these is the free Prescription Discount Cards that is made available to all residents, regardless of age, income or existing health insurance.

What is the Prescription Discount Card?

Made possible from a collaboration between the National League of Cities (NLC) and the Town of Arlington, the Prescription Discount Card provides residents with an average of a 25 percent savings off of the regular retail price of prescription drugs at participating pharmacies. While the card cannot be used in conjunction with other insurance programs, it can be used to purchase prescriptions that are not covered by insurance plans. Even pets that take prescriptions that are used to treat human conditions may be eligible through the program.

Where Can the Prescription Discount Card Be Used?

The Prescription Discount Card can be used at many pharmacies throughout the Town of Arlington. Some of the prescriptions participating in the program include:

  • CVS Pharmacy: 23 Mass Ave (at Alewife Brook Parkway)
  • CVS Pharmacy: 833 Mass Ave (by Arlington High School)
  • Maida Pharmacy: 121 Mass Ave (at Windsor Street)
  • Stop & Shop Pharmacy: 905 Mass Ave
  • Walgreens: 324 Mass Ave (at Adams Street)
  • Walgreens: 1425 Mass Ave (at Paul Revere Road)

In addition to using the card at these pharmacies, the Prescription Discount Card may also be picked up at any of these locations. A copy of the card may also be printed at, where you can also check drug prices and locate additional participating pharmacies.

Where Can I Get a Prescription Discount Card?

In addition to obtaining a Prescription Discount Card online or from any of the town’s participating pharmacies, residents can also obtain a card by visiting the Town Hall offices, the Senior Center or the Robbins and Fox Libraries.

How Do I Use My Prescription Discount Card?

To use your Prescription Discount Card, you only need to show your card when making a prescription purchase at any participating pharmacy. There are no enrollment forms or membership fees and any town resident or family member of a resident can use the card.

What is the National League of Cities

The National League of Cities (NLC) is the oldest and largest organization in the country devoted to the strengthening of cities by promoting them as centers of leadership, opportunity and governance. The NLC serves as both a resource and an advocate for 19,000 cities, villages and towns. Through its partnerships, the NLC represents more than 218 people throughout the country.

Thanks to Arlington’s members in the NLC, the Prescription Discount Card can also be used in thousands of pharmacies around the country located outside of the town. Made available to residents starting December 17, 2009, the card is meant to help reduce the burden of rising prescription costs.


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