Somerville Squares and Neighborhoods: Union Square

Located between Somerville Avenue and Washington Street, Union Square is a renowned neighborhood of Somerville, Massachusetts. The community got its names after it was used as a mustering location for the Union Army during the American Civil War. Nowadays, Union Square features many stores, bars and restaurants, perfect for both visitors and locals alike. Union Square is the oldest and largest commercial area of Somerville, hosting many institutions headquarters, such as the Somerville Police, the Union Square Post Office, Community Access Television, and The Prospect Hill Monument is the symbol of the neighborhood due to its unique panoramic views.

Historic Facts about Union Square

Prospect Hill’s castle, also known as “the Citadel” was built in 1902 to commemorate the fortifications located on top of the hill that had a very important strategic role during the Revolutionary War. When the British invaded Boston, General George Washington and his troops used Prospect Hill to fight off attacks.

Once with the development of Union Square, there was a tendency for families to move closer to this monument. Nowadays, the area is known for its different architectural characteristics, including columned porches and buildings with stained glass. In its early days, Somerville was mainly an agricultural suburb of Boston known as Milk Row because of a company that used the location to sell its products. Throughout the past, Union Square was often named “Sand Pit Square” because of its great clay resources. These resources led to the development of many businesses specialized in the production of brick and glass.

Nowadays, Union Square is constantly going through gentrification processes that imply a nourishing of the city’s street life. It is known for its wide variety of cultural specific restaurants, including India Palace, Taquería la Mexicana, El Potro and Jimbo’s Famous Roast Beef. As a result of the existence of many ethnic groups, there have appeared many culture specific markets. For example, New Bombay Market is a grocery store that provides Indian products, while Capone is an Italian grocery.

Although Union Square has developed less than other surrounding squares in Somerville, big changes are being planned, including the development of the Green Line Extension.

Union Square Activities and Entertainment

One of the best parts of Union Square is the existence of the Main Street Group that is constantly working on the development of the neighborhood. Another famous group is the ArtsUnion which is in charge of attracting arts-oriented events and projects to the neighborhood. Home to the annual festival called “Fluff Festival” that celebrates the Marshmallow Fluff invented in 1917, Somerville is without a doubt a welcoming community and an excellent town to settle down. Some other places of interest you might want to check out in Somerville, MA are:

  • Somerville Theatre
  • Taza Chocolate Factory
  • Center of the Arts at the Armory
  • Artisan’s Asylum

Union Square provides a great deal of lofts, multi and single family homes, as well as condos. To help you make an idea of how much you need to invest in a residence in Somerville, general prices are somewhere between $150,000 and $537,000.

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