Spread the Holiday Cheer with the Santa Speedo Run


Whether you are a runner, a walker or someone who just enjoys watching a great spectacle, you will be excited to learn that the 16th annual Santa Speedo Run is just around the corner. This crowd-pleasing fundraising event is like nothing you have ever seen before, with participants running through the streets of Boston in nothing but a Speedo and holiday gear.

What is the Santa Speedo Run?

The Santa Speedo Run is a fundraising event in which participating teams complete a one-mile job while wearing only Speedos and Santa hats. Not only is it a fun way to show their holiday spirit, but participants are also running for a good cause. In fact, the annual tradition has raised more than $1.6 million for local children in need since it was first dreamt up by 5 guys looking for a way to boost their holiday spirit.

Who Participates in the Santa Speedo Run?

Since it was started in 2000, thousands of people have participated in the Santa Speedo Run. Each year, approximately 700 men and women form teams with names such as “Wrecking Balls” and “Straight as a Candy Cane.” Individuals who are not a part of the team are also invited to run, jog or walk in the event. Either way, all participants, who must be 21-years-old or older, help to raise money for a great cause. The run is limited to just 700 participants.

Who Benefits from the Santa Speedo Run?

Anyone who watches participants as they race by in their Speedos and Santa hats benefits from the event by getting a good chuckle. More importantly, the event raises money for children in need. This year, the event is raising money for the Play Ball Foundation, which provides Boston middle school students with opportunity to participate in team sports. Not only doe participation in team sports help with building friendships and character, but it also helps to teach children communication, teamwork and discipline. This year’s goal is to raise $250,000 for the organization.

What Can Participants Wear?

Participants are expected to wear a Speedo-like bathing suit. While thongs are not allowed, holiday colors are encouraged. Participants are further encouraged to wear a Santa hat, a beard and any other holiday flair that they wish to add to their ensemble. All participants must wear sneakers and are encouraged to bring a bag to carry their clothes while running.

Where will the Santa Speedo Run Take Place?

The Santa Speedo run starts and ends at Lir Tavern and Whiskey’s, which is located at the corner of Gloucester and Boylston streets in Boston. After leaving Lir and Whiskey’s, participants continue down Boylston Street to Berkley Street before running back up Newbury Street to Gloucester Street.

When Will the Santa Speedo Run Take Place?

The Santa Speedo Run will take place on Saturday, December 12th. Check-in and libations start at 10:00 am and continue until 12:45. At 12:45, participants make their final preparations and gather at the line. The race begins at 1:00 pm with a post-run party taking place at 1:30.

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