Taste of Chocolate Festival in Harvard Square (January 24 – 26)

shutterstock_169895114It is all about chocolate on Harvard Square as the Taste of Chocolate Festival comes to town. All of the fun takes place starting January 24, 2014 and ends on January 26. 2014.  That’s two days of chocolate-y fun jam packed into one of Cambridge’s most influential and upscale neighborhoods. This event brings many from the Boston/Cambridge and metro DC area together for fun, with hundreds of people in attendance on each day of the event. It is a celebration!

A Look at Harvard Square

Harvard Square is a prestigious shopping and entertainment district found in the downtown area of Cambridge, MA.  The area is located directly across from the prestigious Harvard University and many students enjoy it on a daily basis, as do others in the community. It is considered to be one of the social hubs for the students enrolled at the university. Students often  socialize with friends at the restaurants and the many other facilities found within Harvard Square.

Harvard Square  is a historical area and in addition to its great shopping and entertainment, shoppers and patrons can also enjoy a look at landmarks and historical periods of time in Cambridge. Because of the popularity of the area there are musicians who often play their sounds along the streets. Additionally there are parks and playgrounds that surround the Square, as it is often referred to, perfect for families and children to gain some quality time together. The fact that there is regret shopping and entertainment there only adds to the value of the area.

Its all about Chocolate

The beauty of the area will turn chocolate for two days when this event comes to town. Many of the businesses in the area will participate, and those who participate will be offering chocolate in its best form. There will be chocolate entrees, appetizers, drinks and of course desserts offered from these participating in the festival. Chocolate samplings will be available at the event, and there will also be some fantastic savings and deals taking place at these stores at the same time.

The Festival Fun won’t Stop

But the fun doesn’t’ stop there. No event, including the Chocolate Festival, would be complete without entertainment. There is no shortage of great entertainment and fun that takes place during this event. From live performances to games and more, the chocolate Festival is a Cambridge event for all ages and all backgrounds. The event is in a prime location and brings together everything that people love!

Be at The Chocolate Festival

The Chocolate festival offers you two extraordinary days of fun and entertainment. There are so many great deals waiting to be found, not to mention plenty of fun things to do for the entire family. The event has been a part of the Cambridge tradition since 2011 and things are certain to continue to grow in popularity. Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves a great deal. Put the two together with a bit of entertainment and you have an event that people will love to be a part of. And this is why the chocolate Festival continues to run strong.

 If you love savings  and chocolate, the event taking place soon is one that you do not want to miss out on. There is something for everyone on Harvard Square during the Chocolate Festival.

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