Taza Chocolate Factory Tours in Somerville

Taza Chocolate Factory Tours in Somerville

Introducing the Taza Chocolate Factory, Somerville

Taza is a small yet very popular chocolate company located in Somerville, in the proximity of Cambridge. It is mainly known for its unique, incredible techniques of making chocolate, and its makers use an old, Mexican ritual of stone grinding. This technique gives the chocolate a relatively rough texture, and makes it a little bit grainy, different than everything that you have ever tried before.

Also, the chocolate produced here has a richer, more powerful taste, and it is made entirely from natural ingredients, such as cacao beans, organic brown sugar, and flavors like gingerbread, orange and many others. The company collaborates with the farmers, and it maintains a close relationship with all the people involved in the process of making the delicious product.

Historic Facts about Taza Chocolate Factory in Somerville, MA

Taza Chocolate Factory was founded by Alex Whitmore, who tried this amazing chocolate specialty during a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico; he instantly knew that he had to bring the special taste back home with him. This is what inspired him to put the basis of the factory, and his strong desire combined with his passion for chocolate convinced him to learn how to hand-carve the millstones that are used to grind cacao into organic dark chocolate.

Additionally, Taza chocolate is extremely appreciated and you can find it almost everywhere in Boston. Locals love the distinct making process, they cherish the fact that is contains only natural ingredients, and above everything else, they’re dazzled by the taste. The best part is that there are countless varieties of Taza chocolate available, and by visiting the factory, you will have the chance to try them all.

Enjoy the Taza Chocolate Factory Tours in Somerville, MA

Taza Chocolate Factory features various teaching tours meant for its visitors. Learn how to make the chocolate, find out its best kept secrets, and have a good time. The factory only uses 100% Stone Ground chocolate and you will be able to try out various samples, as well as witness the vintage chocolate machines that are used during the process.

A reservation is required to benefit from a tour, and general prices are $5 per person. Groups should come in maximum 18 individuals, and they are open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday, starting 11 a.m. For nearly 45 minutes you’ll have the chance to taste delicious chocolate and benefit from the great variety offered by the Taza Factory.

The factory’s mission is to use only all-natural ingredients to make the chocolate. Consequently, the makers are always striving to protect the environment using minimally invasive equipment throughout the process. Overall, if you want to have a good time in Somerville, but you have no idea what you can do, why not book a tour at the Taza Chocolate Factory? Positioned close to some of the most dazzling Somerville homes, the place will certainly exceed your expectations with its amazing chocolate making techniques.

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