Elizabeth & Brian

My husband Brian and I had a wonderful experience working with Ed. He’s personable, and incredibly honest. As first time home buyers, we didn’t necessarily have a knack for looking at the details. There were many instances in which Ed informed us a house we were considering was not the best choice. He often pointed out things that would need to be fixed and actually disagreed with our decision at first to make an offer on a house. Clearly his sixth sense was correct, as the sellers didn’t accept our offer at first. We offered a great deal over asking price too. A week later, we found the sweetest colonial that we will be moving into at the end of August. Once our 2nd offer was accepted, the sellers from the first house came back to us and were hoping we might still be interested. We felt so lucky to have two house options to choose from in this market.

We trusted Ed’s judgment throughout the process, and actually found a house within 2 months of looking! Not to mention, because of Ed, we were featured on the front cover of the Boston Globe’s June 11, 2013 issue. His suggestion to write a personal note to the family who owned the house clearly made all the difference.

Ed always made himself available to us, late at night or early am. There were many times where I would ask him questions that were most likely out of left field, and he never made me feel like my question wasn’t valid. Ed is very resourceful, and I find myself continuing to reach out to him to find professionals in the area to support us through the home buying process, as well as assist me with my taxes.

We look forward to staying connected to Ed, and plan on inviting him to our housewarming. My husband has even mentioned that he would like for them to be friends. That’s just the kind of guy Ed is.

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