The Boston Opera House


The Boston Opera House was initially constructed as a movie theatre and it had its debut on October 29, 1928. Several years later, more specifically in 1980, it became home to Boston’s Opera Company. In 2004, the building was entirely renovated and now it hosts the Boston Ballet and it also displays touring Broadway shows.

Historic Facts about the Boston Opera House

The Boston Opera House features quite a long history. At first, it was named the B.F. Keith Memorial Theatre and as a movie theater it was part of the Keith-Albee chain. Back then, Thomas W. Lamb was a famous theater architect and he was the one who designed the building. As it name suggested, the theater was constructed in honor of B.F. Keith, who was a vaudeville pioneer.

On October 29, 1928, the theatre started presenting films, as well as live vaudeville. By the year of 1929, the theater, which was managed by RKO Theatres and changed its name into RKO Keith’s, had remained to displaying only movies and until 1950s, it continued to be a key for Boston film showcases. In the 1970s, the theatre became property of the Sack Theaters Company, so its name was changed again into the Savoy Theater.

The Boston Opera House Restoration

In 1980, the theatre stopped from being a movie place and was turned into home of Opera Company of Boston, conducted by opera director Sarah Caldwell. This way, it got the name of Boston Opera House. The opera company purchased and restored the theatre, benefiting from help from Susan Timken, who was an arts patron from Boston. After a period of ten years of ground-breaking opera productions, in 1991, the company owned by Caldwell went bankrupt because of financial difficulties. This led to the theatre remaining without funds to work.

Later on, the Clear Channel Company decided to restore the theater. So, on July 16, 2004, it started functioning again by displaying the Broadway production of The Lion King. At the present time, the theatre is owned by Boston Opera House Ventures, LLC, which is a business ran by two local businessmen named David Mugar and Don Law.

The Boston Opera House Shows and Performances

If you’re interested in going to the Boston Opera House, you should know that you have the possibility to watch some of the greatest performances ever made. Until April 28, the “Book of Mormon” will be performed, and starting from May 2 and until May 12, you can buy tickets for “Chroma”. Prices start at $29 and they can easily reach $137. From May 16 to May 26, you’ll have the chance to attend the ballet performance known as Coppelia, a classic comedy filled with rhythm, melody, and merriment. Ticket prices are estimated between $29 and $137.

The Boston Opera House is one of the city’s most cultural and architectural places of interest. Both locals and tourists are invited to uncover its tumultuous history and breathtaking surroundings. Some of Boston’s most important performances are held at the Opera House; ergo, if you happen to be in town make sure to check out the schedule.

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