5 Tips for Staging Your Massachusetts Home in the Fall

Putting your home on the market during the fall months in the Boston area can be a great time to sell. After all, Massachusetts is known for its natural beauty during these months, with its vibrantly colored leaves and picturesque landscape. At the same time, there are some potential drawbacks to having your home on the market at this time, as well. Therefore, it is important to take steps to properly stage your home in order to ensure it is as attractive to potential buyers as possible. To that end, here are 5 fall staging tips to keep in mind.

Fall Staging Tip #1: Let There Be Light

One of the downsides to putting your home on the market in the fall is the fact that the days are shorter, which allows for less time during the day to let natural light into the home when showing it to potential buyers. Therefore, it is even more important than usual to ensure the lights are turned on in every room before the potential buyer arrives. Not only will this make a good impression as the buyer pulls into your driveway on a dark evening, but it will also help to make each of your rooms look larger and more inviting.

Fall Staging Tip #2: Minimize Holiday Décor

While a little bit of holiday decorating is appropriate, it is important that you do not go overboard. Your holiday décor should remain neutral so you do not inadvertently offend potential buyers, while the amount of décor should be minimal in order to avoid distracting from the house itself. A little seasonal flair, such as a cornucopia in the center of the dining room table, is sufficient.

Fall Staging Tip #3: Use Fall Colors

While you should keep the décor to a minimum, fall is a great time to accent with fall colors. As a general rule of thumb, rooms should be painted in neutral colors in order to appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. Your accent pieces, however, should include colors such as burnt orange, dark red, dark green and gold.

Fall Staging Tip #4: Get the Fire Burning

If your property has a fireplace, fall is the perfect time to showcase it. Before potential buyers arrive, get the fire going and allow it to warm the room to a cozy temperature. This will help to create visions of snuggling next to a crackling fire in potential buyers’ minds, thereby leaving a warm and positive impression on them when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.

Fall Staging Tip #5: Appeal to the Senses

Appealing to all of the senses is one of the keys to successfully staging a home. Yet, many people focus primarily on sight and touch with little thought giving to the sense of smell. During the fall months, you might consider lighting a few autumnal scented candles in the same scent throughout the house. Another option is to actually bake an apple pie or a pumpkin pie before showing the home. Not only will this help to create a warm, cozy feeling while filling the air with the smells of fall, but it will also give you something to appeal to yet another sense: taste.

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