Transit-Centered Developments Underway in Boston


A number of new developments in Boston are cropping up around areas of massive transit. Not only are these great places to create new developments in order to take advantage of transit areas that are already in existence, but it also creates an excellent opportunity to upgrade and otherwise make improvements to the systems that are in place. Here are a few of the transit-focused developments underway in and around Boston.

Assembly Row

Developed by Federal Realty, the mega-project of Assembly Row is located at 520 Assembly Row in Somerville. The 20-story project includes 447 units along with a bocce court in a building called Montaje, which opened in mid-September last year. In May, Federal Realty filed plans for a 500-unit residential complex to cover 26,500 square feet of space in a restaurant and retail space called Block 9. Several hundred apartments and condos along with dozens of stores and restaurants are already in the area, all of which take full advantage of the Orange Line stop that opened in September 2014. When the stop opened, it was the first new subway stop along the T to be created in 25 years.

South Station Tower

Under development by Houston-based developer Hines, the 51-story South Station development is being planned atop the South Station. The 862,000-square-foot tower will feature 641,000 square feet of office space along with 6,000 square feet of retail space, parking for approximately 895 cards and 166 condos covering 215,000 square feet. The project, which is located at 700 Atlantic Avenue, will also include a 50 percent expansion of the South Station’s bus capacity. Once complete, the tower will begin at nine floors above the ground and will be one of the tallest in New England.

Tremont Crossing

Located near the Ruggles stop of the Orange Line and commuter rail at 1029 ½ Tremont Street, the Tremont Crossing development received approval from the Boston Planning and Development Agency in March. Covering a total of 1,928,400 square feet, the multi-building project includes plans for 728 apartments within two buildings. Other features will include a BJ’s Wholesale Club and a new Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists.

Plans for the Tremont Crossing development began years ago, with previous plans calling for the creation of nearly all office space or office space along with a dormitory component. Developers Elma Lewis Partners and Feldco, however, eventually settled upon the current plans for the space.

Quincy Center Station

While plans for the Quincy Center Station development have changed over time, plans are still underway to create residential space in the area. Originally calling for a maximum of 602 apartments to be built in the area, the Quincy City Council has approved plan that will allow for a maximum of 300 apartments to be included in the development.

Being developed by Atlantic Development and Bozzuto Development Co, the apartments will be constructed atop and around the Quincy Center Station with an address of 1300 Hancock Street and Washington Street. The plan also involves creating office and retail space while making upgrades to the station. Construction will be completed in three phases, with the new bus terminal and first apartments being finished by 2023 and the rest of the project being completed by 2031.

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